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From Everything.Sucks Digital Entertainment was an online gambling company, formed by the March 2011 merger of PartyGaming plc and bwin Interactive Entertainment AG. Formerly the world's largest publicly traded online gambling firm, it was best known for its online poker room PartyPoker, World Poker Tour and its sports betting brand bwin (officially styled bwin).

Wyatt Harris mentioned in a review, "I am furious with this casino. My account was initially closed at my request previously and I decided to play again and reopen my account. I had to make a formal request, which went through the appropriate channels and I had to also call in to go through to questions. My account was reopened 24 hours later as BWIN were satisfied to reopen. Bear in mind this was a proactive approach for me and also the casino who agreed to reopen my account. They allowed me to deposit money. No more than a few days later I had an email from BWIN closing my account permanently. I was confused as it was them who were happy to reopen it so made a query via live chat and was told I was included permanently due to exclusion from Ladbrokes, bear in mind I didn't recently play there and have not played for years at Ladbrokes. I dont know they are the ( same ) company or playtech as live chat told me but that's not my concern or issue My concern is BWIN reopened my account and it transpires they shouldn't have it all, in fact it should have been permanently closed. I should never have been allowed to deposit, my winnings would have been voided. I want my deposits back. This is the casinos problem They can check and see that I've not just excluded myself from any casino, nor am I part of gamstop. BWIN have made a fatal error They can't just reopen an account that should never have been reopened ( clearly they didn't check ) allow me to deposit money for no reason and then say thanks for the money we are now closing it as it should have been. I want a satisfactory resolution or I'm reporting this to the gambling commission."


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Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"static job ,no chance of advancement Very low salary. environment pretty chilled. The place is not transparent, there is still a lot to do in this direction."

Payment & Resolution Associate (Former Employee) says

"The manager was a micromanager and was very unprofessional at times. He would play victim to situations he created. He definitely had his favorites and was bias to others he didn't like. The job itself was wonderful but the management made the place unbearable."

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